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The Science Is In: Gardening Is Good For You

“Therapeutic horticulture” and “horticultural therapy” have become recognised treatments for stress and depression.


Kale: Tips And Tricks For Growing Your Own

Learn how to grow your own organic kale so you can harvest leaves right through the winter months.

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9 Ways To Extend The Life Of Ripped Stockings

Over the short lifespan of your stockings? Luckily they come in hand in lots of other ways.


What To Do With Your Unwanted Mother’s Day Gifts

Research has found that almost half of mothers don’t like the presents they receive on Mother’s Day.

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What’s The Deal With Compostable Plastic?

There are dangers involved with looking to compostable plastic as a one-stop solution to our plastic epidemic.

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Is Fish Farming Sustainable?

Over half of the fish consumed globally now comes from aquaculture, so it’s about time we talked about it.

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Message In A Bottle: What Happens To Plastic Litter?

Ever wondered where litter ends up? This clever experiment is tracking plastic to show the impact of litter.

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What It's Like To Stick To Wearing Only 33 Items For Three Months

Two friends take on the Minimalist's 333 Challenge and tell us how it went!

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Communicating Climate Change: Focus On The Framing, Not Just The Facts

It turns out the language you use and how you frame the discussion make a big difference.